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Novaflex has over 30 years of experience in the flexo, gravure, offset, inking, laminating and converting industries. 

As a member in the FTA since 1962 and chairman in 1978, Novaflex president Wallace Nard's contribution to the printing and converting industry is well known and respected. He was inducted into the FTA Hall of Fame in 1988 for his outstanding contributions to the flexo industry. He has served in the FFTA as Supplier Vice President with numerous FTA speaking engagements and FLEXO Magazine article contributions.

We maintain customer privacy and does not share corporation/plant operations or projects with other corporations/plants.  Novaflex's long tenure in the industry contributes to our customer's growth by troubleshooting and recommending technical ideas during the review process if available.


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Flexo Magazine:  

Fitting Your Press to Your Commodity or Value-Added Business Model

Some segments of flexible packaging have become a commodity business with low margins, multiple SKUs and shorter runs, all of which impact the cost to compete in a changing landscape. This has some printers looking to “value-added” attractions that improve their ability to stand out in the crowded grocery aisles. Those same differentiating factors offer CPCs ways to maintain their brands and attract impulse buying.



L&NW: Opportunity for Narrow Web Converters in Flexible Packaging?

There is a big culture change to move into flexible packaging for a label converter or commercial printer. The big issue is printing and laminating to comply with indirect food application. 
Today’s label sector is poised to look at other label and packaging solutions to generate new business.

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Wide range of flexo press approaches:

* Central Impression Wide-web and Mid-web

* All Servo Stack Most Versatile Stack Press on the Market.

Wide-web and Mid-web

Front to Back printing without turn-bars

* UV/LED and E-Beam Flexo

* Hybrid Flexo with Digital combinations

* Flexo presses inline with other machines All-Servo and Belt-Driven


We offer a wide range of solvent-less solutions for manufacturers with various types of production needs. We offer structures from extremely compact and functional to multiple web combos.

Depending on your demands we can pair machines with industry leading Bi-2 adhesive mixer components, automatic cleaning system of dosing calendar, an integral transfer roller, major shaft-less, base of galvanized steel, a bender pneumatic opening for safety cleaning.



Optimize Press Performance with fully- automatic ink control and wash-up system that increase output and reduces downtime. Automatic temperature and viscosity control. Water base inks, automatic pH control real time.


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