In-line options

Stack-type flexography press suitable for printing on both sides of plastic, paper, paperboard and composite materials.

Modern technology and easy handing including shaftless transmissionregister prepositioning and quick change of the sleeves.

Drying unit composed of high performance between color dryers and horizontal tunnel located on the upper bridge.  Air heating by electrical resistances or gas.

Optional Direct Drive Technology available on each counter impression cylinder, there is no master drive like with a Central Impression.  All drives are masters and communicate in sync to maintain web register throughout the press run.

Optional Lower Cost Belt driven on impression rolls and geared plate and anilox cylinder or sleeves.


This press uses servo motors on each individual impression roll which is geared to it’s plate sleeve shaft and anilox sleeve or cylinder. You have 360 degree capability on each deck to fine tune register while running. The video (below) shows the gears on the plate and anilox with a locator system so that when the motorized deck positioning moves into position the gears are meshed automatically in register without the possibility of the gears being damaged by crashing into one another. This system provides faster set up and register with less material waste. It also provides closer running register without the uses of belt driven impression rolls and a gear box which produce more backlash.

We can supply this press to go in line with bag machines, extruders and other machines. It can also be a roll to roll machine.

Wide Web

Solvent or Water base inks from 1 to 8 colors handle large print repeats where necessary. 


  • Max web width: 650 mm=25.6", 850 mm=33.5", 1.050 mm=41.3", 1.250 mm=49", 1.450 mm=57", 1,550 mm=61", higher on demand

  • Printing width: 620 mm=24.4", 820 mm=32.3", 1.020 mm=40", 1.220 mm=48", 1.420 mm=56", 1,520 mm=60"

  • Printing repeat: 260mm-10.25” to 600 mm-23.6” or 350mm 17.78” to 850mm-33.5” depending on the width.

  • Opt. Printing repeat:      450mm-17.7” / 1.200 mm-47.25”

  • Print possibilities: 4+0 / 3+1 / 2+2 6+0 / 5+1 / 4+2 /3+3 8+0 / 7+1 / 6+2 / 5+3 / 4+4

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